KitoZyme designs, manufactures and markets medical devices, food supplements and oenological ingredients from fungal chitosan and chitin-glucan.



Innovative product range to treat and prevent overweight

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Discover our NEW products for digestive health 

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New approach, new biomarker to support clean, healthy arteries

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About us

KitoZyme is focused on providing solutions and outstanding services to our customers.

Forever innovating, we are the long term partner that successfully produces complete solutions and helps create the future portfolios of clients all over the world.

These solutions mainly come in the form of medical devices and dietary supplements that are based on unique and patented technologies, namely fungal chitosan and chitin-glucan manufactured from non-GMO sources. Both the performance and safety of all of these technologies are scientifically and clinically proven.

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Illustration: Innovation is at the heart of KitoZyme

The roots of KitoZyme are in science and research. Meanwhile, our passion for innovation has resulted in our constantly thinking up new solutions and applications for our core business in health: Weight Management, Digestive Health and Cardiovascular Health. These innovations are based on our proprietary technologies based on fungal chitosan and chitin-glucan.

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