Our unique approach

KitoZyme: unique, expert, trusted partner

KitoZyme is focused on providing solutions and outstanding services to our customers. Our innovative and flexible approach combined with our industry expertise means that nothing is too complex for us. Since 2000, we have achieved considerable success and become recognized as a truly visionary company.

KitoZyme is renowned for continually delivering new products and closely assisting our clients at every moment. Forever innovating, we are the long term partner that successfully produces complete solutions and helps create the future portfolios of clients all over the world.

These solutions mainly come in the form of medical devices and dietary supplements  that are based on unique and patented technologies, namely non-animal chitosan and chitin-glucan manufactured from non-GMO sources. Both the performance and safety of all of these technologies are scientifically and clinically proven.

KitoZyme has expertise in the following three main areas:

Weight Management

  • The Slim MED® range, based on our fungal chitosan, contains 2 fat binders for the treatment of excess weight by reducing the absorption of lipids
  • The KiOslim® technology has a 4 in 1 action to help with treatment of excess weight. 
  • FiberSlimTM is the innovative technology to loose weight and improve intestinal comfort 

Digestive Health

  • TransiBiota® is the new medical device with treats constipation and regulates transit
  • Gastrap® is a new development for symptomatic treatment of gas-related GI complaints 
  • TransiRelax®  is a food supplement with an action on stress and intestinal comfort 

Cardiovascular Health