Our unique approach

KitoZyme at the heart of health

KitoZyme designs and manufactures innovative solutions to preserve and strengthen the human health capital. It is the pioneer in the production of biomass-derived biopolymers, non-animal chitosan, chitin-glucan and beta-glucan.

KitoZyme is the pioneer and the leader in the production of biomass-derived biopolymers.

Keen to go against the conventional wisdom and prove that nature is bountiful indeed, KitoZyme decided to concentrate and capitalize on the incredible functional properties of vegetal biopolymers. For the first time, KitoZyme technology enables the production of three high-purity fibers exclusively from renewable, non-GMO and vegetable sources. The resulting vegetable biopolymers are efficient, safe and non-allergenic.

Since its creation end 2000, KitoZyme focuses on the production, valorization and distribution of these advanced biopolymers through its two business activities.

  • Specialty Ingredients

    Manufacturer of functional biopolymers exclusively produced from renewable, non-GMO and vegetable sources.

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  • Consumer Healthcare

    Full-service provider of solutions in the Consumer Health Care market under regulations for medical devices.

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