Our Unique Technology

At KitoZyme, we provide a wide range of leading-edge functional biopolymers that are exclusively produced from renewable, non-GMO, vegetal (fungal) sources. These are designed to meet the needs of our valued customers in specific applications.

We are aiming to consolidate our position as a leading-edge solution provider in the following areas:

  • Formulation and processing of biopolymers;
  • Specialty ingredients development & industrialization;
  • Discovery of new properties of materials;
  • Green chemistry, biorefinery of vegetal biomass;
  • Applications of biopolymers in the nutrition, cosmetics, beverages and medical-pharma markets;
  • Consumer health products under medical devices regulations;
  • Along the entire lifecycle - from new materials to new marketing approaches including new production processes

We focus our development and know-how with a view to delivering value creation:

  • From viscous solutions to gels/hydrogels, foams, particles (nanoparticles, microparticles, porous beads, hydrogel beads), fibers, nanofibers, films, membranes, tablets, capsules, spinning, tableting, nano/microencapsulation, foaming, thermogelling, physical and chemical cross linking
  • Biopolymer derivatization to improve physico-chemical properties: solubility, surface adhesion, surface tension, hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance, tension active properties, surface activity (biosurfactants).
  • Chemistry: Substitution of functional groups on amine/hydroxyl groups: carboxymethylation, succinylation, quaternization, grafting onto biopolymers.
  • Know-how in combination of biopolymers