Our process setting

Keen to get away from traditional chitosan production using crustacean shells, KitoZyme's technology enables for the first time ever the production of high-purity non-animal chitosan, exclusively from renewable, non-GMO sources without any synthetic manipulations.

KitoZyme has thus patented the process setting of a unique benchmark for the production of animal-free biopolymers and particularly chitosan, chitin-glucan and their derivatives.

From 2008 to 2009 we at KitoZyme built a leading-edge 4,000m²-production area and a separate 150m²-cGMP unit that is divided as described below:

  • a class 10.000 (ISO 7) production floor of 80 m²: the clean room
  • a class 10.000 (ISO 7) filling room of 10 m²
  • a class 100.000 (ISO 8) laundry of 10 m²
  • a QC laboratory of 40 m² located in a grey zone.

The production facilities are made up of various different key areas. These include three production lines, a flexible clean room, an extensive storage area and a testing and a QC Laboratory.