KiOslim® Technology

The KiOslim® technology is composed of our non-animal chitosan and the best identified ingredients to create a natural and unique complex:
  • Very high viscosity from the first minutes    >>>    satiation feeling
  • Viscosity maintained after the meal    >>>    anti-cravings
  • Superior fat-binding & reduction of sugar aborption by 46%(2)*    >>>    reduction of caloric intake by approximately 800kcal 


KiOslim appetite reducer


(1) User test on 44 patients, Assessment in human of the effect of KiOslim® and the best competitor on appetite, Biofortis, 2014
(2) Evaluation of the potential effect of KiOslim® on carbohydrate absorption, Prodigest, 2015

* For information only. Not to be used to support product claims.