03/07/2015 KitoZyme – Clinical trial - Weight Management – Excellent results


A new clinical study, the full results of which are soon to be published in a renowned scientific journal, has just demonstrated the excellent results achieved with one of the company's flagship products, KiOnutrime-CsG®, which helps combat excess weight and obesity


KiOnutrime-CsG® is a natural ingredient that is scientifically proven to help people manage their weight. In a recently completed clinical trial it was found that overweight subjects consuming KiOnutrime-CsG® lost an average of 3.2kg over three months, compared with a small weight increase on average in the control group.

A white paper expands on this research and explains the global opportunities that exist for companies to create and market successful products containing KiOnutrime-CsG® – the proven weight management tool.


To download this white paper, follow the link

To download the press release, follow the link



19/06/2015 KitoZyme at the Universal Exposition of Milan

On Monday, KitoZyme will be present at the Universal Exposition of Milan
At the program: 
  • Intervention at the conference organised by Wagralim on the theme:
    The health ingredients of tomorrow!
    • Introduction by the Minister Jean-Claude Marcourt 
    • The health ingredients sector, a strategic area for development within the Wagralim cluster
    • Dietary bioactive compounds: from biochemical investigations to marketed products
    • Dialogue between gut microbes and host cells: impact on obesity and diabetes
    • Combining forces in response to major nutrition and health challenges! Presentation of the BHIG
    • Presentation of the solutions offered by the BHIG’s companies
  • B2B meetings with actors in the health products in Italy 
We are very proud to take part of this adventure! 

23/04/2015 KiOslim: the NEW, unique and powerful product to discover on Vitafoods Europe

A new Medical Device intended to treat excess weight with a superior technology 

Don't miss the opportunity to discover our new product on Vitafoods Europe on booth M78 (Belgian Pavilion) from 5th to 7th May in Geneva 


KiOslim is based on patented ingredients to help with weight loss by: 

  • Improving the satiation feeling during a meal 
  • preventing cravings between two meals
  • binding at least 800 times its own weight in fat 

Available in box or 30 or 60 sticks with the taste grapefruit or raspberry 


For more information or to arrange a meeting with our commercial team, contact us




CE marking expected in July 2015

03/03/2015 Non-Animal Chitosan Takes Its Place on the Healthcare Marketplace

Find below the article published on this 03rd March. 

03 Mar 2015 --- Traditionally extracted from crabs and shrimps, Belgian health technology company KitoZyme has discovered a way to extract chitosan and chitin glucan from a vegetable source. It has been supplying the food & beverage industry with this new, non-GMO, non-allergenic source of both fibres since 2011.


Chief executive François Blondel talks to FoodIngredientsFirst about new opportunities in the healthcare sector.

“KitoZyme as a company was formed as a commercial spin-off from the University of Liège in Belgium in 2000,” he explains. Thousands of Euros of research later, in 2011, the company was ready to launch a product made using a chitosan extracted from a vegetable base.

“After ten years of extensive research, KitoZyme was ready to launch products into the weight management, cardiovascular health and digestive health arenas,” says Blondel.

Blondel joined the company in early 2013 with a wealth of experience in the industry, having led a medical device company and experienced the challenges of such a set-up in the marketplace. “I joined the company at the beginning of 2013, as an executive officer,” explains Blondel. “I brought the experience of running a commercial medical device company and foresaw the need to focus on growth areas for KitoZyme.”

Today, KitoZyme has some 50 employees and a recently announced turnover of €5m. 

“From a very small base, this represents over 50% growth in two years,” said Blondel “We expect further double digit growth in 2015.”

It was reported in February that the global market for the carbohydrate polymer chitosan is set to reach $4.22bn in 2020 (Transparency Market Research), with market applications as far-reaching as water treatment, biomedicine & pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, cosmetics and agrochemical industries. This is almost exclusively derived from animal sources.

“The products that KitoZyme currently makes are produced by extracting the chitosan out of our vegetable source, which we believe is a unique process that no one is doing elsewhere in the world. We operate in the areas of weight management, digestive health and cardiovascular health, which we see as areas of strong growth for the future.”

Currently producing for private label sector in Europe, 2015 will be a big year for KitoZyme as it will launch its own brands, Slim MED FORTE and KiOcardio in the Gulf region.

“We have traditionally used business to business distribution channels, but now we are about to expand in a different way: through own label."

“Of course we can’t launch in the EU as in many areas we would be competing against our own customers, so our weight management product will launch in Kuwait this year. Other markets that we hope to target will be Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in the near future,” says Blondel.

Recent research and the latest figures published by the WHO (World Health Organisation) have found that problems linked with overweight are particularly common in the Near and Middle East, with more than one third of the population affected. This is largely due to high-calorie foods, a lack of fruit and vegetables, and insufficient physical exercise due to difficult climatic conditions (high temperatures).

This research highlights the particularly important strategic decision to launch its branded products into the Gulf region, but will there be developments further afield?

“Of course,” says Blondel. “This region is our focus for now and it is too early to start talking about where we will go next. However, we will of course be looking to expand our geographical reach beyond the Middle East at some point.”

KitoZyme produces its active ingredient in a powder form, which is then formulated into tablets, capsules or sticks in order for consumers to receive the benefits. The fibre-based technology mops up fat in the system and so can act as an effective weight management tool, as well as reducing cholesterol, which makes it effective for cardiovascular problems, such as atherosclerosis.

For Blondel, the biggest market opportunity is weight management, but it is also the biggest challenge. 

“Weight management is a difficult market to enter,” says Blondel. “It’s a very volatile market but we have been actively successful in it, producing for major companies and now launching our own brand.”

It is the cholesterol-reducing product, KiOcardio, however, that carries an EFSA-approved health claim. It has been shown to limit the intake of cholesterol and to prevent its absorption into the gut and EFSA says that chitosan, the active ingredient, is intended to be used to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

KitoZyme’s digestive health product is KiOfiber. This has not been developed using chitosan, but KitoZyme’s other ingredient of interest, non-animal chitin glucan. The product is set to tackle the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, including bloating and constipation; and to improve gut microbiota.

“Once we started to market these products, there was a substantial acceleration in interest. We developed just two types of fibre, but no one else is doing what we are, so growth has been exponential,” says Blondel.

Confirming this success story, at the end of the year the company won the "Deloitte Fast 50" award as the strongest-growing of several hundred Belgian firms in its category (Technology – MedTech).


23/02/2015 KitoZyme parmi les pépites des Spin-Offs

Le réveil de la Belle au bois dormant

Que les profanes s’accrochent ! Fondée en 2000, KitoZyme est active dans la production de chitine, chitine-glucan et chitosane. Ces biopolymères sont, habituellement, produits à partir de carapaces de crustacés. KitoZyme se distingue de la concurrence en étant la seule société au monde à les fabriquer à partir d’une source non-animale : les champignons. Les scientifiques le savent : le chitosane est considéré comme l’un des produits les plus prometteurs de ce XXIe siècle. Pouvant à la fois jouer un rôle de capteur de gras, de fibre améliorant la digestion, de conservateur ou bien encore d’antimicrobien, ses propriétés lui ouvrent des perspectives dans de nombreux secteurs : alimentation, diététique, agriculture, cosmétologie, médecine... Un large éventail. Trop large, peut-être...


Des années durant, KitoZyme a exploré le champ des possibles en avançant de front sur ces différents secteurs. Une politique scientifiquement intéressante mais financièrement intenable. En difficulté, elle a finalement entrepris un turn-around, à partir de 2013, avec l’arrivée de son nouveau CEO, François Blondel. « Nous avons décidé de transférer toutes nos activités biomédicales vers une spin-out, Synolyne Pharma. Nous avons fait le choix de nous centrer sur quatre secteurs et d’établir entre eux un ordre de priorité : la gestion du poids, la santé digestive, le système cardiovasculaire et la cosmétique, sans oublier une série d’applications spécifiques, telles que le traitement du vin. Parallèlement, tout en fournissant nos principaux clients (Sanofi , Omega Pharma, Boots...), nous avons activement poursuivi nos développements. Nous prévoyons de lancer nos propres produits en dehors du marché européen dès cette année. Il s’agit, notamment, de Slim MED™ et Slim MED™ FORTE qui sont de puissants capteurs de graisses ainsi que KiOslim™ Double Action qui allie à la fois une réduction de la satiété et un captage de graisses. D’autres solutions verront le jour au cours des prochains mois. » Dotée, depuis sa création, d’un fort potentiel, KitoZyme semble, enfin, le faire éclore. « C’est un peu le réveil de la Belle au bois dormant » , sourit François Blondel. Requinquée par ses résultats en croissance, l’ancienne spin-off de l’ULg affiche ses ambitions pour 2015 : conquérir les pays du Proche et Moyen-Orient.




20/01/2015 Slim MED FORTE is now registered in Kuwait as a Medical Device

After a long process, our well known Slim MEDTM FORTE has been authorized as Medical Device on the territory of Kuwait.

This registration is a pride for Al-Sayer Medical, our partner in Kuwait, and KitoZyme.


Find out more about Slim MEDTM  FORTE here or visit us on
Arab Health from 26th to 29th January in Dubaï,
booth Z2A10 (Belgian Pavilion)
to discover Slim MEDTM FORTE and
our NEW product Ki
OslimTM Double Action

14/01/2015 Press release : KitoZyme termine 2014 en beauté et affiche ses objectifs pour 2015

Herstal, Belgique – 14 Janvier 2015


2014 : Une année en forte croissance
2015 : KitoZyme affiche ses ambitions internationales.
           Développements dans les pays du Golfe :
           Koweït, Qatar et Emirats Arabes Unis.


L’année 2014 s’est terminée en beauté pour KitoZyme. «Les chiffres complets seront disponibles dans quelques semaines mais nous savons d’ores et déjà que l’année 2014 aura permis d’enregistrer une forte croissance des ventes de la société dans ses principaux segments d’activité. L’expansion commerciale s’est activement poursuivie tant en Europe qu’en Asie. C’est, en particulier, grâce à nos solutions innovantes de traitement de l’obésité et du surpoids que nous atteignons ces bons résultats », a commenté François Blondel, CEO et Administrateur délégué.

En confirmation de cette belle évolution, la société a en fin d’année remporté, dans sa catégorie (Technology – MedTech), le prix « DELOITTE – Fast 50 », récompensant parmi plusieurs centaines d’entreprises belges celle qui a connu la plus forte croissance.


2015 s’annonce riche en nouveautés pour KitoZyme


En 2015, la société, spin-off de l’université de Liège, élargira sa gamme de produits avec la mise sur le marché prévue de trois nouveaux compléments alimentaires et/ou dispositifs médicaux pour lesquels elle a d’ores et déjà reçu les approbations des différentes autorités règlementaires aux Etats-Unis ou en Europe. Ces produits sont destinés aux segments de la santé digestive (KiOfiber), de la gestion du poids (KiOslim Double Action) et de la santé cardiovasculaire (KiOcardio).

Sur le plan commercial, KitoZyme poursuivra son expansion géographique en dehors de l’Europe. Elle enregistrera notamment ses premières ventes dans plusieurs pays du Golfe (Koweït, Qatar et  Emirats Arabes Unis) en commercialisant pour la première fois des produits sous sa marque propre, dans le segment de la gestion du poids. La taille de ce marché potentiel pour l’entreprise excède 15 millions de personnes. Afin de soutenir cet important développement stratégique, l’entreprise participera notamment à la mission princière au Qatar prévue en mars de cette année.

Sur base d’une étude récente et des derniers chiffres publiés par l’OMS (Organisation Mondiale de la Santé), le Proche et Moyen-Orient sont particulièrement touchés par les problèmes liés au surpoids. Plus d’un tiers des habitants sont concernés. Ceci est principalement dû à une nutrition riche en énergie par volume, un manque d’aliments végétaux et un manque d’exercices physiques lié aux conditions climatiques difficiles (températures élevées). 


Fin du comuniqué 

13/01/2015 KiOslim Double Action: the NEW and unique product to discover on Arab Health

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KiOslimTM Double Action is coming from a NEW and unique technology based on patented ingredients to help with treatment of excess weight: 

  • Improves the satiation feeling during a meal and prevents cravings
  • Binds at least 800 times its own weight in fat 


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 KiOslim Double Action  


    19/11/2014 Discover our NEW powerful product on HIE: KioSlim Double Action !

    KioSlimTM Double Action is a NEW medical device intended to
    treat excess weight with a superior technology.


    It helps with weight loss by: 

    improving the satiation feeling during a meal

    preventing cravings between two meals

    binding at least 800 times its own weight in fat


    KioSlimTM Double Action is avalaible in boxes of 60 capsules or 30 sticks 


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