Discover the latest KitoZyme's innovation to treat constipation at Booth I61 at Vitafoods


Already recognised as one of the leaders in weight management, KitoZyme keeps focusing on microbiota and digestive health with a new product to treat constipation, based on an exclusive and patented prebiotic technology.

TransiBiota is a class IIa medical device intended to be used in the:

  • treatment of constipation,
  • promotion of regular transit,
  • resoration of a balance microbiota, and
  • relief of gastro-intestinal symptoms related to constipation and/or gut dysbiosis.

63% feel an improvement of constipation symptoms after


KiOslim is a class IIb medical device having the most complete action for losing weight:But the weight management is not deserted so far since the success of KiOslim led KitoZyme to propose a new galenic form to improve the compliance and recruit new consumers with a film-coated tablet version of KiOslim.

  • reduces availability of carbohydrates for absorption
  • lowers fat intake from diet, and
  • reduces appetite for preventing excessive eating and cravings

40% more efficient than a diet alone 



Furthermore, KitoZyme presents its truly new end-consumer brand YAW – You Are Wonderful. A range of natural products for well-being:

To find out more about KitoZyme’s products, please contact to arrange a meeting or visit our booth I61 (Awex Pavilion) on Vitafoods Geneva.