HERSTAL, Belgium – May 28, 2013 – Slim-MedTM received a prize trophy at the Nutraceutical Business & Technology (NBT) Awards gala dinner in Geneva, May 15.

Following two years of market-leading product development, Slim-MedTM is now recognized as the “Best New Finished Product” by a judging panel assembled exclusively from leading healthcare organizations and top business school academics.

Today there exists a real challenge for the Consumer Health industry as regards innovating within the weight management category. The major advance for KitoZyme with Slim-MedTM is the medical device statement which brings a strong technical file that incorporates both clinical evidence and safety. “To receive this award means a great deal for KitoZyme. It represents the clear recognition of the considerable efforts made by our entire team to find creative answers to the regulatory environment in Europe” explained François Luthers, Sales and Marketing Manager of KitoZyme.

Based on this challenge and the requirements of consumers, KitoZyme decided to pursue true innovation within the Consumer Health industry and to capitalize on the incredible functional properties of its proprietary fibers. “Right now, our goal is to provide two new products per year to our partners and to accelerate our growth by ensuring an innovation pipeline” concluded François Luthers.

The NBT Awards recognize and reward excellence in R&D, marketing, business and technology throughout the nutraceutical, functional food and beverage industry. The mission is to deliver a set of benchmarks to a global audience to achieve significant developments in terms of quality of service, health management, research, development and relationship management.

About Slim-MedTM

Slim-MedTM is a lipid binder to be used in the treatment and prevention of overweight in order to prevent diseases related to excess of weight and body fats. This private label, a class IIa medical device, is a unique business opportunity with product claims approved EU-wide. This medical device status guarantees a high level of quality and safety following the Directive 93/42. Based on a full dossier with clinical evidence and a guaranteed mechanism of action of vegetable chitosan, KitoZyme’s private label solution gains the approval of the authority.

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