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DrydermaTM is a medical product (Class I and Class IIa medical device) based on a unique patented active manufactured at KitoZyme: chitin-glucan, a biopolymer of natural origin.

Supported by a NEWLY HUMAN CLINICAL STUDY on diabetic patients suffering from cracks & fissures, DrydermaTM treats damaged skins & skin dryness within only 7days. But that's not all. DrydermaTM also treats hyperkeratosis, rugosity & desquamation related to atopic dermatitis, eczema, etc. within only 14 days.

Whether for the purpose of disease treatment or daily treatment due to external aggressions, 100% of patients were satisfied and convinced by the technology. 5 other clinical studies support the performance of this advanced formula and various in-vitro test.

NEW human clinical trial

Dermscan, Evalutation of the cutaneous repairing effect of a medical device (DRYDERMATM) in diabetic patients, 2013

The current study aims at evaluating the efficacy of a medical device called DrydermaTM to reduce dryness before a fissure develops or when the fissures are already present, to limit their extension and so prevent the symptoms’ aggravation.The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the cutaneous repairing effects on the feet of diabetic patients after 7, 14 and 28 days of treatment with DrydermaTM. Two other objectives were also evaluated: illustrate the effect of the product with macrophotographs and evaluate the organoleptic properties and its efficacy

Evaluation & assesment criteria

  • The primary criteria is the clinical evaluation of product's efficacy by a dermatologist's examination and scoring model
  • The second criteria is the illustration of product's efficacy with macrophotographs and an analysis of the answers give by the subjets to a subjective evaluation questionnaire

Studied population

  • 22 subjets
  • Suffering from diabetes
  • Having cracks or fissures on feet (4/10 score model)

Results & Conclusion

DrydermaTM presented:

  • A significant effect on skin dryness after 7 days, 14 days and 28 days of application
  • A significant effect on skin roughness, desquamation and hyperkeratosis after 14 days and 28 days of application
  • A significant effect on the number and the depth of cracks and fissures after 7 days, 14 days and 28 days of application
  • A very good cutaneous tolerance, no relevant signs of intolerance being reported
  • A satisfaction for a majority of the subjects, concerning its organoleptic characteristics and its efficacy


An advanced technology

DrydermaTM is a new treatment solution that ensures effective and active repairing effect on the stratum corneum of various symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and others.

The patented chitin-glucan branded under KiOsmetine-CG is a natural copolymer of chitin and beta-glucan. On the one hand, chitin is a polysaccharide which has a wound healing enhancement and on the other hand, beta-glucan forms distinct branched structures.

It is a concept of polymer 'connected' with his little arms: the skeleton (chitin-glucan) forms the protective and emollient that enables the skin to recover properly, the small arms contain, for its part, beta-glucan. Supported by 6 clinical studies and various in-vitro experiments, the KiOsmetine-CG has the following mechanisms:

1. Enhances the skin barrier properties

Chitin-glucan is an addition to the SC's natural molecular armamentum for retaining water and maintaining an adequate permeability. This leads to increase the humectant and emollient effect but with a higher clinical performance in both short and long term compared to classic formulation. 

2. Restores skin barrier function


3. Protects against external factors

Chitin-glucan forms a non-occlusive scaffold at the skin's surface. Biological aspect were changed by the treatment after few months which improves several aspects of skin biology and so the recurrence of symptoms.

Dermatological Cosmetics

Advanced dermatological formula for anti-cracks & fissures

DrydermaTMRepair is intended for the prevention and treatment of hand and foot cracks due to external aggressions or in the course of general diseases.

  • Treat cracks/fissures within only 7 days
  • Protect skin from cold, water, dry season, factors which include the cracks appearance
  • Dryderma Repair is recommended for adults and children

Study 1 - Laboratoire DERMSCAN - Evaluation of the cutaneaous repairing effect of a medical device in diabetics patients - 2013

Dermatological Cosmetics

Protective treatment for the dryness of diabetic foot

DrydermaTMMed is a repairing cream intended for the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot. Diabetic foot problems are among the most serious complications of diabetes. In this pathology, even ordinary skin problems can get worse and lead to serious complications. Diabetic patients have to follow a number of recommendations to prevent the apparition or the extension of diabetic foot. One of them is to moisturize their skin at least twice daily to prevent heel fissures.

  • A treatment solution compared to existing cosmetic creams for diabetic people
  • Under medical device class IIa legislation 
  • 2-in-1 cream (film-former & emollient) 
  • Dryderma Repair is recommended for adults

Study 2 - Quatresooz et al., Fungal chitin-glucan scaffold for managing diabetic xerosis of the feet in menopausal women - Expert. Opin. Pharmacother 2009, 10(14):2221-2229. 

Dermatological Cosmetics

Intensive Repair for extremely dry baby skin

DrydermaTMBaby is a hydrating and protective cream intended of the signs and symptoms of dry skin conditions from external aggressions or pathological disorders (atopic dermatitis).Forming a non-occlusive scaffold at the surface of the skin. DrydermaTMBaby helps to prevent from excess moisture loss.

  • Under medical device Class I legislation
  • Paraben-free
  • Non-sensitizing
  • Dryderma Repair is recommended for children over 3 months

Study 3 - Dr. S. Kerre, Proven emolliency & humectancy on atopic dermatitis - Department of Dermatology - 2009

* Here is an idea of positioning - more evaluation should be performed

Dermatological Cosmetics

In-depth atopic dry skin care

DrydermaTMTopic is intended of for care of very dry skin from dermatosis incluging eczema, psoriasis, ichtyosis, etc. DrydermaTMTopic restores barrier function of the epidermis but also treats rough consistency of the skin, abnormal scaling and itching.

  • Under medical device I legislation
  • Steroid-free
  • Non-irritant
  • Available for infants, children and adults
  • Efficacy backed up by 6 clinical studies and 4 in-vitro tests 

Dermatological Cosmetics

Optimum care for mature skins

DrydermaTMSmooth improves the rich feeling of your day cream. Efficiently moisturizes and smoothes mature to dry skin. Within just few weeks of application, the skin already appears significantly smoother, firmer and more radiant. Beyond the benefits continue, resulting in visible, genuine and long-lasting improvements to the skin.

  • Under medical device I legislation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Active extracted from fully renewable, inexhaustible, traceable source
  • Available for body areas

Study 4 - Gautier S. et al. Chitin-glucan, a natural cell scaffold for skin moisturization and rejuvenation - 16-week clinical study - 5 skin parameters of the skin - Int. J. Cosmet. Sci. 2008,30(6):459-469

Study 5 - Crow's feet zone (microrelief, wrinkles) 16-week clinical study

Study 6 - Innocuity, moisturization - 6-week clinical study

What is the composition of DrydermaTM

Dryderma is a cream containing:
  • 4 active ingredients supporting the intended use (chitin-glucan, glycerol, panthenol & urea)
  • Excipients aimed to ensure cosmetic properties and preservation of this medical device.

What are the possible side-effects?

They are rare. It is possible to have a hyper sensibility to one or more ingredients.

How long can I take this product for? And about the areas?

It depends on the application:
  • For daily proctection/dry skin/etc: DrydermaTM Class I is intended to be applied on the body areas in adults and children from 3 months, maximum three times a day for a period of 30 days maximum.
  • For damaged skins/cracks/fissures: DrydermaTM Class IIa is intended to be applied on hand and feet in adults & children from 15 years, maximum three times a day for a period of 30 days maximum.

Can anyone take the product?

Dryderma is for external use only and intended for adults and children from 3 monthts. There are some contra-indications such as:
  • Do not use on infant younger than 3 months old
  • Do not use on face and mucous membranes
  • Do not use on wounds
  • Do not use if allergic to one of the ingredients.
  • In case of doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
  • In order to avoid any interaction with other substances, ask systematically your doctor or pharmacist about concomitant treatments.

What are the different packaging sizes available?

10, 50, 75, 150 or 250 ml

What is the difference between a medical device and a cosmetics?

A medical device targets a pathology and has therapeutic effect and acts with a mechanical action whereas cosmetics are dedicated to skin's surface care and can't claim any curative action.