Animal Nutrition

Greater health awareness in animal health and better pet foods

Animal Food

Greater health awareness on the part of consumers in regard to animal health is driving the demand for nutritional and dietary alternative, as well as better pet foods. Consequently, the field of animal nutrition has established itself as an important factor in the achievement and maintenance of the wellbeing of animals.

At KitoZyme, our specialty ingredients go beyond animal nutrition

As a matter of bringing innovative solutions through animal nutrition, KitoZyme has successfully designed high-quality vegetable specialty ingredients that combine specific health benefits, top performance levels and the responsible use of natural resources.

By providing innovative ingredients, KitoZyme meets the demand for superior, sustainable and safe solutions in global animal health in the following different segments:

Animal Feed

KitoZyme has developed a potent beta-glucan ingredient that has been designed to enhance protection against stress and disease.

KiOnutrime® Boost is suitable for a variety of animal species including fish, pork, poultry, beef and equine.

KitoZyme offers...