Cardiovascular Health

KiOnutrime-CG for Cardiovascular Health (non-animal chitin-glucan)

Heart attacks and strokes are major causes of premature deaths throughout the world.

Cardiovascular disease is caused by disorders of the heart and blood vessels, and it includes coronary disease, cerebrovascular disease and high blood pressure. The three most important behavioural risk factors associated with CVDs are an unhealthy diet, a lack of physical activity and smoking. Consumers are increasingly displaying awareness that improving their cardiovascular health – through both diet and exercise – is an important and effective preventive measure.

KitoZyme has designed several approaches in response to this major issue and is able to propose different solutions. One of the major is :


Kiocardio cholestrol management


Limit the dietary intake of cholesterol

Prevent its absorption in the intestine

Based on KiOnutrime-CsG®

Discover KiOcardio®


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