Gastrap Gas-related GI complaints

TransiBiota® is the new medical device which treats constipation and regulates transit


TransiBiota® is a medical device intended to be used in the
  • treatment of moderate constipation,
  • promotion of normal transit, and
  • relief of gastro-intestinal symptoms related to constipation and/or gut dysbiosis .
 Convenient delivery form: 1 to 2 sachet(s)/day with orange flavor


TransiBiota uniquely combines two actives :

1. KiOtransine® 

  • A patented high-purity biopolymer
  • Treatment with KiOtransine® leads to an increased production of propionate and butyrate(1)
  • KiOtransine® reduces the fractions of bioavailable iron and bile salts and has a strong capacity of water retention(1)



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2. Psyllium Husk

  • A soluble fiber used in the management of several medical disorders such as constipation and also as an herbal remedy.
  • As a bulk-forming laxative, psyllium is used to restore and maintain regularity
  • Psyllium seed is capable of absorbing up to 10 times its own weightin water 
(1) Fate of chitin-glucan in the human gastrointestinal tract as studied in a dynamic gut simulator (SHIME®), Massimo Marzorati, Véronique Maquet, Sam Possemiers, Journal of Functional Foods, Volume 30, March 2017, Pages 313–320
2) Effect of KiOtransine® on the gastro-intestinal comfort, clinical study in overweight subjects during 56 days, PharmScan, 2014 › Exploratory study



What we offer

  • A commitment to safety and performance
  • Distribution under the brand name or a private label
  • A finished product on the market in a timeframe of just 4 months
  • As manufacturer, we take full responsibility
  • Construction of the technical file
  • Post market monitoring
  • Systems are in place to ensure traceability


  • What is the recommended dosage and when should I take it?

    • 1 to 2 sachet(s)/day
    • To be taken with the breakfast mixed with one large glass of water
    • To be taken during one month
  • What are the contraindications?

    • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
    • Do not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.
    • Keep out of reach of young children.
  • What are the packagings available?

    • TransiBiota® is available in boxes of 30 sachetss