Gastrap Gas-related GI complaints

Central nervous system and the gut are intimately connected supporting the link between stress and acute or chronic gastrointestinal disorders [KONTUREK, 2011].

TransiRelax™ is the new food supplement that has an action on
stress and intestinal discomfort

TransiRelax™ is a unique complex having the following benefits: 
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Contribute to stress resistance
  • Contributes to concentration
  • Contributes to normal muscle and nerve function
 Convenient delivery form: 1 stick/day with lemon flavor


TransiRelax™ uniquely combines three actives :

1. KiOtransine® 

  • A patented high-purity biopolymer
  • Treatment with KiOtransine® leads to an increased production of propionate and butyrate(1)
  • KiOtransine® reduces the fractions of bioavailable iron and bile salts and has a strong capacity of water retention(1)



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2. Magnesium glycerophosphate

  • Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal (natural origin)
  • Magnesium plays a crucial role in neuromuscular and helps maintain good muscle and nerve function. Moreover, it is essential to maintain a good energy metabolism and therefore helps reduce fatigue.
  • The interest and the efficacy of a supplementation in magnesium in depleted subjects are validated by the Health Authorities (France, Europe, US). Indeed, several pharmaceutical drugs have been marketed for several decades in the following indications [RCP Magnesium Arrow 150mg, 2005 ; RCP Magnesium Vitamin B6, 2011]
                             Stress, irritability, mild anxiety, acute tiredness, minor troubles of sleep
                             Symptoms of anxiety including digestive spasms or palpitation
                             Muscular cramps

3. Folate (Vitamin B9)

Folate (folic acid) helps to reduce fatigue and leads to normal psychological functions, such as concentration and memory as well as stress resistance.
(1) Fate of chitin-glucan in the human gastrointestinal tract as studied in a dynamic gut simulator (SHIME®), Massimo Marzorati, Véronique Maquet, Sam Possemiers, Journal of Functional Foods, Volume 30, March 2017, Pages 313–320
2) Effect of KiOtransine® on the gastro-intestinal comfort, clinical study in overweight subjects during 56 days, PharmScan, 2014 › Exploratory study


What we offer

  • A commitment to safety and performance
  • Distribution under the brand name or a private label
  • A finished product on the market in a timeframe of just 4 months
  • As manufacturer, we take full responsibility
  • Construction of the technical file
  • Post market monitoring
  • Systems are in place to ensure traceability


  • What is the recommended dosage and when should I take it?

    • 1 stick/day
    • To be taken in the morning mixed with one large glass of water
    • To be taken during one month
  • What are the contraindications?

    • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
    • Do not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.
    • Keep out of reach of young children.
  • What are the packagings available?

    • TransiRelax is available in boxes of 30 sticks