Specific technologies

Wine technology KitoZyme

In addition to its Consumer Health Solutions, KitoZyme has developed specific technologies such as: 

  • Encapsulation agent for actives, fragrances and flavours
  • Personal care (film-forming, antimicrobial, emolient or hydrating agent)
  • Wound healing (nanofibers by electrospinning)
  • Veterinary and pet food
  • Turf & crop protection
  • Flocculation

And, one of the most important is the science of Winemaking & Oenology.

With our partners, we have designed a range of products based on our technologies:

Our products for Oenology


Is a new tool for winemakers that helps to prevent and cure contamination by Brettanomyces bruxellensis.

View KiOfine®-B


Is used for several applications as an anti-oxidant and in different stages of the winemaking process (clarification, fining etc.)

View KiOfine®-CsG


Is a unique and innovative flotation adjuvant composed of biopolymers from a non-animal, free of allergen and free of synthesis product source.

View Qi-Up


Significantly decreases iron and other heavy metals undesirable in wine.

View Qi-Trapping