KiOslim® is intended to be used as an adjunct to weight loss or weight control in the treatment and prevention of overweight and obesity in order to prevent diseases related to such health conditions.

40% more efficient than a diet alone(5)


How does KiOslim® work?

KiOslim® intended use is achieved by:

reducing appetite for preventing excessive eating and cravings,
lowering fat intake from diet, and
reducing availability of carbohydrates for absorption.


As consequence the caloric intake is reduced helping restoring a healthy energetic balance and supporting a weight management program.

88% of users are satisfied with KiOslim®

KiOslim® has the following features: 

  • Proven high viscosity in gastric conditions 
  • Numerous clinical trials with the active ingredients 
  • Average weight loss of 2.5kg in 2 months (3)
  • Available in tablets or sticks > 4 flavors: citrus, raspberry, orange/mango or neutral taste

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The KiOslim® technology is composed of our non-animal chitosan and the best identified ingredients to create a natural and unique complex

appetite reducer KiOslim

glucose entrapment KiOslim

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(1) User test on 44 patients, Assessment in human of the effect of KiOslim® and the best competitor on appetite, Biofortis, 2014
(2) Evaluation of the potential effect of KiOslim® on carbohydrate absorption, Prodigest, 2015
(3) Double-blind, placebo-controlled randomised intervention study, Walsh DE, Yaghoubian V. et al. Int. Journal of Obesity ; 8(4): 289-93, US, 1984.
(4) Internal In Vitro test following the procedure PT-CQ-123, April 2016

(5) User test concluded on  240 patients during 6 weeks, UK, 2018


What we offer

  • A commitment to safety and performance.
  • Distribution under the brand name or a private label.
  • A finished product on the market in a timeframe of just 4 months.
  • As manufacturer, we take full responsibility.
  • Construction of the technical file.
  • Post market monitoring.
  • Systems are in place to ensure traceability.


  • What is the recommended dosage and when should I take it?

    1 stick should be taken 15 minutes before each meal, three times a day, with a large glass of water.

  • How long can I take this product for?

    Suitable for long term use,  KiOslim® is recommended to be taken for 12 weeks.

  • Can anyone take the product?

    • It should not be taken if you suffer from allergies or intolerances to one of the compounds present in the formulation.
    • The product should not be taken if you suffer from inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g. acid reflux disease, gastritis, ventricular or duodenal ulcers, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis), signs of intestinal obstruction (impending or existing mechanical or paralytic ileus), gastroparesis in diabetics with neuropathy, intestinal polyps and existing severe digestive disorders (constipation).
    • It should not be taken if you are considered to be underweight (Body Mass Index (BMI) <18.5).
    • The product should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it might jeopardise the supply of important nutrients to the embryo or baby.
    • The product is not suitable for babies or infants.
    • Children and adolescents should only take this product after consulting a doctor.
  • What are the packages available?

    KiOslim® is available in packets of 30,60 or 90 sticks