Innovative product range to treat and prevent overweight

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Discover our new approach towards digestive imbalance

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New approach, new biomarker to support clean, healthy arteries

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Wine treatment

KitoZyme has developed specific technologies for the science of Winemaking & Oenology.

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KitoZyme is a Life Sciences company, active in health and wellness, nutrition and natural solutions.

About us

KitoZyme designs and manufactures innovative consumer healthcare solutions aimed at improving the health of people.

KitoZyme designs and manufactures medical devices that are based on unique and patented technologies, namely chitosan and chitin-glucan produced from animal-free sources. With the goal of becoming market leader, KitoZyme is expert on delivering unique products in weight management, digestive and cardiovascular health.

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Illustration: Innovation is at the heart of KitoZyme

Innovation is at the heart of KitoZyme which is constantly looking for new solutions. Thanks to a team exclusively dedicated to R & D and an innovation manager, KitoZyme is at the cutting-edge of new developments in scientifically-proven solutions for consumer healthcare.

At KitoZyme, we have also chosen to partner ourselves with a number of market leaders to co-develop new products across each business area. This has resulted in the delivery of our expertise in biopolymers, our market knowledge or our private label medical device solutions.

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Don’t miss your sales in 2014 !

Recently, KitoZyme rose its production capacity by 55%. We are able to propose you in the shortest time Slim MED and Slim MED FORTE, based on KiOnutrime®-CsG !

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